Urilyzer 100 Pro – Brand new POCT features – POCT1-A2

5 August 2019

We are pleased to announce a new POCT1-A2 interface capability on the Urilyzer 100 PRO

The POCT1-A2 protocol standardizes bidirectional information exchanges between POC data managers and devices. This allows powerful new features for centralized management of devices, operators, reagents and QC performance from middleware to be deployed. On Urilyzer this means you can

  • Achieve Positive Patient ID on the device screen from an ADT feed
  • Send messages to individual operators and instruments
  • Configure devices remotely from the middleware
  • Update software remotely
  • Restrict use to approved lots numbers of test strips and QC reagents
  • Record observed operator competency with the Proficiency test feature
  • The Date and time on the device are automatically updated on time change from the middleware

Urilyzer has been successfully interfaced with the following middleware AegisPOC (Abbott) Aqure (Radiometer) Bioconnect (Nova) COBAS (Roche) Gemweb (Werfen) UniPOC and POCcelerator (Siemens).


Sterilab are working with their partners to roll out the new interface through Point of Care networks in the NHS.


If you would like further information on POCT1-A2 or the Urilyzer call 01423 523 300.