Multi rack Scanner

The Multi rack scanner is an integral part of exceptionally useful in large research environments. A time saving piece of modern technology that has the ability to read large samples of data and interpret the readings to your computer.

A pack of 4 coloured pens

For marking samples. These pens will securely mark tubes and vials with key information. It will remain intact long term without smudging or deteriorating.  Allowing you to easily identify sample information.

Sample Racks

Whilst handling and storing vials, these sample racks are an essential item to ensure that samples remain upright and stored effectively. These sturdy racks are available in a range of colours that enable samples to be colour coded and stored according to colour. This allows for easier management.

Cap inserts to colour code samples

A range of coloured caps to ensure that samples are easily identifiable. A full range of secure caps are available made from silicone. These caps will ensure that the sample remains safe and secure during transportation and storage

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Product Details

Coloured Caps

Order code         Colour

0522-1000            Blue

0522-2000            White

0522-3000            Green

0522-4000            Violet

0522-5000            Red

0522-6000            Yellow