HIV Blot 2.2 Western Blot Assay

High sensitive detection of antibodies to HIV in human serum or plasma

The HIV Blot 2.2 is an enzyme immunoassay for the in-vitro detection of antibodies to HIV in human serum or plasma. It is intended as a more specific confirmation test on blood or plasma specimens found repeatedly reactive using a screening procedure. HIV Blot 2.2 contains HIV-2 specific peptide band to aid in the detection of HIV-2 positivity. HIV Blot 2.2 also includes an anti-human IgG internal control band functioning as a sample addition control, reagent control and procedural control.

Advantages of the HIV Blot 2.2:

  • Contains purified HIV-1 viral lysate proteins
  • Increases detection of early infection (seroconversion panels)
  • Provides detection of HIV-2 antibodies on the same strip
  • Allows detection of HIV-1 Subtype 0
  • Includes an anti-IgG internal control band

Analysis of sensitivity in seroconversion panels

The detection of HIV in the seroconversion panels by MPD HIV Blot 2.2 was compared with the Chiron RIBA HIV-1/HIV-2 SIA. The number of bleedings detected positive for HIV 1/2 was counted for each panel and compared between the two test kits. The average score for the sensitivity of an assay was the total number of positive bleeds divided by the total number of panels tested. Timing of anti-HIV detection was the time difference (days) in detection of the 1st HIV positive sample of a panel between MPD HIV Blot 2.2 and Chiron RIBA HIV-1/HIV-2 SIA. The overall day delay was then the total day difference divided by the number of panels tested. In the case where an assay is negative or indeterminate over all seroconversion follow up bleeds, two additional days are assigned.

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