Whole Blood hCG Pregnancy Test - Rapid test in 5 minutes

The NG test hCG  WB is a rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of  human Chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in whole blood as an aid to the early detection of pregnancy. For professional use only.

How the test works:

Each pregnancy test pack comes complete with everything you need to perform the procedure : Cassette,  micro pipette, Lancet, Alcohol prep pads, Buffer, Direction inserts and patient labels.

A drop of whole blood is added to the test well of the cassette. A drop of buffer is added, then the sample migrates across a membrane where the labelled hCG complex is captured in a test line region containing immobilized monoclonal anti- hCG. A control  band indicates that the Whole Blood hCG test has been performed correctly.  A rapid test to aid the detection of pregnancy.


  • Detect hCG quickly and simply with just one finger prick
  • Sensitivity to 10 mIU/ml
  • Results in 5 minutes


  • Overcomes delays, clinical decisions can be fast-tracked
  • Reduced waiting times in A&E
  • Sensitivity equal to venous sample




Manufacturers data :

Tests were performed on true samples measured by a reference laboratory.

Patient 1: [HCG] <2 mIU/mL)
Patient 2: [HCG] = 8 mIU/mL
Patient 3: [HCG] = 10 mIU/mL
Patient 4: [HCG] = 11 mIU/mL

Twenty repetitions were performed on each lot (3 lots) with a blood sample at a concentration of [HCG] <2 mIU/mL for a total of 60 tests.

Twelve repetitions were performed on each lot (3 lots) with sera at a concentrations of [HCG] = 8 mIU/mL; [HCG] = 10 mIU/mL and [HCG] = 11 mIU/mL.

The sensitivity of NG-hCG test whole blood was determined as 10 mIU/mL with greater than 99.9% probability.


A study included 168 blood samples, 72 positive hCG samples at a concentration of 10 mIU/mL or greater and 96 negative hCG samples provided the following results:

The results demonstrated a 100% overall agreement (for an accuracy of >99%) of the NG-Test hCG WB when compared to the reference method (ELISA).

Hook Effect

No Prozone effect observed up to 500,000 mIU/mL. The test bands may appear with a less intensive color than expected for samples containing high levels of hCG> 500,000 mIU/mL

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