Dipper POCT Liquid Urinalysis Control

For Point of Care Urinalysis.

Dipper POCT is a revolutionary new single-use liquid format Quality Control with extraordinary room temperature stability, ideal for POCT Urinalysis Dipstick testing.

Features & Functions

  • 3 months room temperature stability
  • Up to 3 years at 2ºC–8ºC (from date of manufacture)
  • Full dipstick immersion and no wasted product

Made with a simulated human urine matrix, Dipper POCT’s stability exceeds all those currently on the market*, formulated with native ketones.

An innovative pouch design ensures that the dipstick can be fully immersed and verified visually. This method minimizes any risk of contamination and reduces the volume required for testing; ensuring no wasted product.

Specifically designed for POCT including central labs, reference labs, nursing stations, and doctors' offices.

The clear packaging enables you to clearly identify the levels and enable you to determine when you need to re-order supplies.

Dipper POCT Analytes

Bilirubin, Blood, Creatinine, Glucose, hCG, Ketones, Leukocytes, Microalbumin, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity, Urobilinogen*

* Refer to product pack insert for specific claims for usage, analysers and analytes.

  • Dipper POCT Lot 40031 - 40032 (20 count)

    Instructions for use.

  • Dipper POCT Lot 40031 - 40032 (62 count)

    Instructions for use.

  • Dipper POCT

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    Dipper POCT

    62 x1.5ml (Level 1 & 2)


    Dipper POCT

    20 x1.5ml (Level 1 & 2)