Urine Analyzer Urilyzer 100 

First urine strip analyzer in the world to have Positive Patient ID!

Urine Analyzer, the Urilyzer 100 urinalysis machine is an easy to use yet sophisticated urinalysis analyzer for standardizing and automating urinalysis in hospital wards, outpatient clinics, GP practices and laboratories.

It has proven to be excellent as a point of care urinalysis solution as well as for continued laboratory use. In combination with CombiScreen SYS PLUS urine strips, the automated urinalysis system provides accurate results in only 1 minute.

The Urilyzer® 100 Pro urinalysis analyzer is a urinalysis machine that adds intelligent features to assist POCT coordinators manage and control devices including sophisticated operator management, QC and connectivity capabilities to help meet the growing demands for compliance management and data capture.

Automated reading and reporting 

  • Ensures traceability and eliminates transcription error - patient and operator id can be entered using the touch screen or optional bar code scanner and results printed and/or transmitted electronically for inclusion in the patient record.
  • Ensures timing and strip reading are consistently performed - removing operator variability.
  • Ensures strips are properly dipped with dry strip detection.

Clinical Benefits of the urine analyzer

  • Ascorbic acid in urine interferes with blood and glucose results. CombiScreen PLUS strips used with the Urilyzer 100 incorporate Ascorbic acid protection which virtually eliminates interference of ascorbic acid in the sample, for more reliable results.
  • Sedimentation recommendation - administrators can activate a setting which includes a recommendation for sediment analysis if indicated parameters are positive.
  • Colour, turbidity and comments can be added to the result.
  • Searchable on-board database for past results.

User friendly features

  • Results are displayed on the colour touch screen with an automatic print out. Positives are flagged in red.
  • Printer is quick and quiet and easy to load.
  • Easy to clean, no calibration strips required.
  • Results in only 1 minute enhance workflows and productivity.

Management and control features Urilyzer 100 PRO:

  • Operator Management feature prevents unauthorized use.
  • Systems Settings Protection feature prevents unauthorized changes with 3 level user rights.
  • Quality Control Management feature prevents use or issues warning if QC is not performed or fails.
  • Full Audit trail for results and extensive searchable database features enhance oversight in connected or unconnected installations.

Advanced connectivity with the Urilyzer 100 PRO:

  • Ethernet connectivity on board.
  • NEW - now with WiFi connectivity.
  • Results can be transmitted automatically to LIS or Point of care data management software solutions. 
  • Operators can be downloaded centrally from POCT software.

NEW POCT1A/2 Features:

The POCT1-A2 upgrade protocol standardizes bidirectional information exchanges between POC data managers and devices. Modernising Urinalysis.

  • Achieve Positive Patient ID on the device screen from an ADT feed
  • Send messages to individual operators and instruments
  • Configure devices remotely from the middleware
  • Update software remotely
  • Restrict use to approved lots numbers of test strips and QC reagents
  • Record observed operator competency with the Proficiency test feature
  • The Date and time on the device are automatically updated on time change from the middleware.

Urilyzer has been successfully interfaced with the following middleware : AegisPOC (Abbott) Aqure (Radiometer) Bioconnect (Nova) COBAS (Roche) Gemweb (Werfen) UniPOC and POCcelerator (Siemens).

Service and support

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of our urinalysis analyzer or any other urine analysis product. We provide comprehensive support -  including product training, implementation and maintenance.


  • first urine strip analyser in the world with Positive Patient ID.


Urilyzer 100
Urilyzer 100 urine Analyzer

Product Details

Technical Data


reflectance photometer wavelengths: 505, 530, 620, 660 nm


up to 120 tests/hour in fast mode and up to 50 tests/hour in normal mode


patient test results: 1000 / 3000 (Pro version) and QC test results: 500 / 1000 (Pro version)


3.5” QVGA touch-screen LCD


RS232 serial port, USB A, USB B, PS2 (external keyboard, barcode reader), microSD card Ethernet port (Pro version)


190 x 260 x 77 mm (WxDxH) / 1.5 kg

Electrical rating:

100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz





Intelligent data management

Advanced data entry

Automatic print-out

Customized testing and reporting options

Serial interface

Optional barcode scanning

Flagging of results and recommendation for additional sediment evaluation

Memory capacity

• test result storage
• QC testing

1000 tests
500 QC results

3000 tests

1000 QC results

Advanced operator management

Ethernet and WiFi connectivity

HL7 protocol


Urilyzer 100


Urilyzer 100 Pro


CombiScreen 11SYS PLUS strips



CombiScreen 7 SYS PLUS strips



CombiScreen 5 SYS PLUS strips



Barcode scanner


Paper Rolls pack of 5


Quality Control solution


2 level ready to use dip and read control